Born in Macau, China,Steve Hu received his BFA degree from the University of Hawaii. There was a long pause of not creating any art until the artist moved to Washington State in the late 1990’s. Later on in life Steve has learned oil painting under the mentorship of Austin Dwyer.

Since growing up in Macau as a teenager, Steve was fascinated and attracted to fishing boats, junk vessels and marine activities in the Macau harbor and surrounding waterways. Nostalgic love of these past memories still lingers in the artist’s creativity and transform into his artwork of maritime themes. It’s the goal of Steve to reveal his love of Asian culture into western civilization, and his art would bridge the gap of the difference of the East and the West, and achieve harmony as a learning experience for the audience to enjoy and appreciate.

In Hu’s artwork,the artist is able to combine his dedicated work ethic and skill to create art from the beauty,richness and love of nature through brush and paint. In Steve’s paintings,the viewers could share his feeling,emotion and impression through the heart warming,delicate and colorful blend of impressionistic romance and occasionally with a poetic touch which depicts the artist’s Chinese cultural heritage.

As a frequent participant in jurued exhibitions, Hu’s paintings have won various awards and merits of Honor. Steve Hu’s artwork has appeared in private collections of fine art collectors, business professionals and corporations in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest.

Currently Steve Hu is a Charter and Signature member of the Pacific Rim Institute of Marine Artists, in addition to American Society of Marine Artists and Evergreen Association of Fine Arts.